The best reference is a good word

1.0 rating
September 21, 2020

Found Vernon Dental through my insurance who faxed a referral to this office for my 5 yr old. After recieving the fax from my insurance, this office then took down all my info over the phone and gave my daughter an appt to be seen today.
Arrived 15 min early for my appointment incase there was paperwork. Nope. Never given a clipboard.
I was asked to sign in and have a seat. 20 min after my appt time passed 🙄 I approached the reception desk only to be informed that as of January 2020 they are no longer accepting my insurance but that i can pay out of pocket if i wanted to continue with the appointment. No thanks!
My insurance claims Vernon Dental is still under contract with them and has not submitted proper documentation as of yet to be released from any contract.
All in all I was disappointed with this miscommunication especially after adjusting work schedules, my daughter missing school, and waiting half an hour with my small children.

1.0 rating
April 13, 2020

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November 27, 2019

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Refugio Badgett
5.0 rating
July 22, 2017

My whole family is fond of this dental office!
First of all, it is clean and the stuff are very friendly! You never have problems with appointments, they always find convenient hours even at the last minute. I had such experiences when my tooth started to ache in the morning so badly I couldn’t stand. Luckily the dentist freed his time to see me at lunch!!
My wife regularly checks her teeth there and does cleaning. She’s very sensitive but she always admits that all the procedures are free of pain.
Btw going to see Dr.Castro on Monday for another examination.

Jennifer Sevilla
5.0 rating
June 22, 2017

One of my friends recommended me to go to this clinic bcs she knew I was always afraid of any doctors. But Dr.Joseph is so much unlike all other dentists I’ve visited, he’s very caring and professional. I went to him to correct a poor cavity filling done by another dental office. Dr. Joseph explained my treatment thoroughly so that I didn’t feel nervous during the process. He also told me about the problems I might face in future and gave me useful advice. It’s already 2 weeks since I went there and I now feel great.
I highly recommend everybody to come here.
P.S. prices are also reasonable.


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